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Journal Publishing Flowchart


Manuscript Submission:

The manuscript files should be in Word format.
Before submission, please carefully read our ethical policies in the journal's homepage.
The authors will be charged 85 USD as the publication fee for each accepted paper.
If you have any problem with the submission form contact us at editoreijfmr@gmail.com

Submission Methods :

Manuscripts can be submitted either by Email attachment or through the Submission Form

1) Submission by Email

Submit your manuscript directly by Email to maya1984kannan@gmail.com

2) Submission Form

Fill in the below form and upload your manuscript

Email from the Journal
Recommended by colleagues
Search Engine (Google, etc.)
I have previously published with Emperor Journal

This paper is original and has not been previously published
All authors have approved the final paper for submission
I am aware about the processing charge for accepted papers